Humanity doing what it does best: Innovation

Olduvai Labs is dedicated to research, development and implementation of spectrum wide technological solutions in diverse areas

Olduvai Labs is a technology company founded on the ethos of incremental human technological achievements. We take our name from Olduvai Gorge, an anthropological site in Northern Tanzania that is attributed to the earliest human activity on the planet. It was there that the first stone tools were forged; and incrementally from that point approximately 1.5 million years ago in East Africa, technology spread across the planet. Consequently we now find ourselves in the 21st century, where science and technology have made it possible to tackle many global challenges and to improve the human condition. Taking this very spirit of curiosity and applied technological solutions to some of our most daunting and wide-felt challenges, Olduvai Labs is humanity doing what it does best: innovation.

What we do

Olduvai Labs is dedicated to research, development and implementation of spectrum wide technological solutions in diverse areas including: legaltech; pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & medtech; agrotech & IoT; process automation and robotics; UAV systems; ML, DL & Computer vision based systems; renewable energy; mobility & smart cities solutions; digital financial services; RegTech solutions; satellite technology & New Space.

We are passionate about the potential for science and technology on the African continent and context. Our products and solutions are developed to deal with real life socio-economic challenges led by an intrinsic; (we live here) perspective that is appropriately enriched by cross-societal data streams from similar and dissimilar global and regional markets.

Olduvai Labs also collaborates; co-develops and partners with public and private sector entities to create synergies; leveraging technical, financial and infrastructure capabilities across our partner networks to deliver innovative products and solutions. We incubate and support high potential technology startups and projects, offering them resources towards scaling their businesses.

What Our Clientel and End Users Mean to Us

Our philosophy is not just “customer first”. We borrow a leaf from recent studies in neuroscience that have indicated the human brain to be a powerful predictive engine. Olduvai Labs is deploying the finest technical minds on the African continent to ensure that we sufficiently comprehend customer requirements and employ predictive analytics and other tools to develop efficient and impactful solutions that deliver unmatched value and contextual fit.

Our Values

Our Commitment to African Human Capital

As a technology company being built on the African continent we are cognizant of the need to invest in human capital infrastructure on the continent. To that end we are developing various solutions to aid professionals on the continent to access markets and provide robust services. And looking towards the future, Olduvai Labs is dedicating significant resources to STEM by inspiring and enabling young people to qualify in science, technology and vocational training through our internship and mentorship programs.